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Impacting Families for Christ through Prayer, Evangelism, and Social Transformation.

Waiting on God? Be encouraged! In Isaiah 54:1, when the Lord said to the single/barren woman to sing a new song, the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel comes to mind. Hannah had been barren for quite a while, and thanks to the taunting of her co-wife Peninah, she had strayed to the banks of desperation. In prayer and fasting, Hannah cried out to the Lord, and He heard her, and through the priest Eli, he told her to 'go home and eat', because then forth she would be a mother. "Sing, O barren woman, break forth with joy! For more are the children of the desolate, than of her who has a husband." Isaiah 54:1 What is that need that has driven you to desperation? Break forth with joy and singing for the Lord has heard you, and more will be your blessing to probably those whom you've been comparing yourself to, or those who have been taunting you.