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Jeff got to know about Homecare when he was in class 7 at St. Michael Primary school. This was through the Bible clubs where he used to attend at Salvation Army Center (one of our partner churches.) He was very active in responding to the Bible questions. Later that year, Jeff got a sponsor through the Homecare Mentors program. He narrates the day he received these great news: “One day when I was in school, my mother came to school with much excitement and told me I was one of the ‘lucky boys.’ It took me some time to understand what she meant but finally she broke the joyful news that I had been selected as one of the boys to be sponsored by Homecare. I cannot explain the joy that filled my heart, it was unspeakable joy. The following day we went to Homecare offices and we received some clothes and food.

Jeff's Education

Jeff sat for his class Eight National Examination in 2007 and scored 253 marks out of a possible 500 marks. He was not happy with his results as he says, “I was not pleased with my results but this was as a result of some ups and downs that are common in schools based in the slums. Since I had not performed very well, I was still admitted to St. Michael’s High School (the senior school of the primary school I was in). I was so happy because Homecare was paying half of my school fees. Our school lacked so many facilities e.g. books, laboratories etc. but because I was determined to achieve my dreams, I persevered. In the year 2011, I sat for the Form Four examination; I managed to score a Mean Grade of D+ which was far below my expectations. Nevertheless, I thank God for the same.”

 After High school, Jeff thought all was gone due to the fact that he did not perform very well but deep within, he had a desire to go to college and undertake a course. Through the guidance of Homecare Mentors Staff, he enrolled at Zetech College where he is undertaking a Diploma Course in Journalism and Media Studies. He will complete in 2014.

He is so passionate about his studies that most of the time, he treks to and from college which is in the City Center about 5 kilometers (8miles). However, when the mum has a little to spare, she provides him with bus fare. Sometimes, they even sleep hungry but this does not prevent him from pursuing his dream. He says, “I can pay any price to get this Diploma because I know it will determine my future together with that of my mum and sister. I am so grateful that I am in college because before I joined college, I was doing some casual jobs like digging pit latrines so as to help my mum provide for the family. This was a very tiring and risky job.”

 Jeff's special Talent

Jeff is a born again Christian and an upcoming Gospel artist. He says, “if it were not for God, I would not have made it this far. It has taken His hand and I thank Him because I was brought up in a Christian family. I discovered I have a talent of singing in 2007 through the Bible clubs as we were challenged to make presentations. By God’s grace, I have been able to produce 5 tracks which I have been using to reach out to the hopeless, broken-hearted and those who completely don’t know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

 My songs are quoted directly from the Bible and therefore they communicate to the hopeless addressing their situations. Many people motivated me to venture into the music industry, but my role model in this field is Ambassador (a local artist) who has been very supportive to me. I get opportunities to minister in different churches and other forums and for this I thank God. He believes that in the next two years by God’s grace, his Music will be known all over Kenya.

 In church, Jeff is involved in Youth leadership, drama group, dancing and music. From time to time, he helps with our Saturday Bible Club in Salvation Army Center to coordinate the younger children. However, most of the time he is held up in church activities on Saturdays

 A word of thanks

Jeff had this to say in conclusion, “I thank God for His grace and favor upon my life. He chose me from many and showed me His love. Secondly, I want to thank my mum who has worked tirelessly to make me reach where I am. I promise, when God lifts me up, I will ensure, her lifestyle changes too. Last but not least, I say a big thanks to the Homecare Family, to Rev. Dr. Judy Mbugua and all the Homecare mentors for being close to me during the hard times. Thank you for shaping my destiny. I am confident of a bright future and this would not have been possible without your generous support. May God bless you and expand your ministry to touch many more lives and bring transformation.”

 We do sincerely thank our partners for helping us touch many lives. As these lives are transformed daily, may the Lord add a piece of gold on your crown and extend your territories.