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alt In this month’s story we revisit our young girl; Vivian Anyango. Vivian was a young girl we rescued from physical and sexual abuse and took her to a boarding school.

Vivian has come a long way since her case first came to our attention in 2008 and we thank God for the transformation in her life.

Being an orphan, Vivian lives with her Aunt and 4 Cousins in Kibera. Back in 2008, the aunt and her husband would spend a lot of time in local brewery dens constantly leaving the five children home alone and unattended. The aunt would often disappear for days or weeks and Vivian, being the eldest, would be the one to take care of her four cousins. This interfered greatly with her school attendance which resulted in poor academic results. 

Although Homecare discussed with Vivian`s aunt concerning the situation and she promised to change, there was no improvement. At one point the Aunt had fought with her husband and she had run away leaving the five children behind and alone. Luckily a neighbor had volunteered to take them in for a while. The family has since been reconciled but unfortunately the Aunt's conduct has not gotten better. She still drinks and fails to go home for days on end, leaving the children alone and without food.

But this was not the only challenge that Vivian was facing. We learned that she had gone through both physical and sexual abuse by those who were supposed to protect her. This had taken such a toll on the then nine year old girl that it had affected her personality. Vivian was very fearful and withdrawn, and it was a struggle to hear and understand what she was saying. It was at this point that Homecare decided to transfer Vivian to a boarding school where she would be safer.

At first, Vivian failed the academic interview at Master Education Centre in Kutus, and even the pleas of the Social worker trying to explain her unique situation did not do much. But the school had a change of heart when Vivian shared with them her dream of being a doctor. She explained to them that her reason for wanting to be doctor was so she could help the people from Kibera who did not have access to proper healthcare when sick.

Vivian did not disappoint us, she turned out to be a very bright girl with big dreams for her future! Today, Homecare is proud to report that Vivian sat for her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in 2013 and attained 373 marks out of 500. Of our sponsored children who sat for this exam, Vivian was the best girl, and she has been admitted to Ngiriambu Girls High School which is a good school. She is due to report on the 7th of February 2014.

We thank God Almighty for what He has done in Vivian's life. She is not only excelling in her education but her demeanor has also improved tremendously. She has moved from being the shy, withdrawn girl to a social and vibrant young woman, and her dream is still alive. She wants to be the best Neurosurgeon in the world!

We also continue to pray and hope that her four cousins can also get sponsorship and have a chance to excel in their academics as Vivian has.

We thank our partners for touching such lives and making a total transformation in their lives.