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FAITH AWUOR: a silent cry.


aith a soft-spoken, 16 year old girl. She exudes charm and a sociable nature. Yet behind this veil is a tale of struggle and suffering. She is an orphan; her father died while she was in class 3, and her mother followed suit a year later.

Faith is a middle child, and has 2 siblings; an older brother and younger sister. Life for the three has not been a bed of roses. They were left in the hands of their paternal uncle, who has a family of his own to take care of.


Due to the harsh treatment the orphaned siblings were experiencing in their adoptive home, Faith’s brother fled the city, and went to live in their rural home.Faith’s sister, when she could bear it no more, eloped and got married at an early age. Faith stuck on, in spite of the dire situation.


Her education has been an uphill task; many are the times she has missed classes due to lack of school fees. Last December, Faith sat for her final primary school National exam. Unfortunately, Faith had none to support her education from that point forward. She had no means to cater for the immense requirements in high school. Furthermore, her family does not have the capacity to support her further education.

A school was contacted, and the Principal was gracious enough to give her a chance, provided she committed to working hard to improve her grades. The challenge remained of getting the tuition fees to take her to school.Long after her counterparts had reported to school, the girl was still home.


Homecare Spiritual Fellowship would not turn a blind eye to her plight. Graciously, some money was put together at least to start her off in school.

This she did, with a beaming smile, and grateful heart. We would trust God for the following terms.


 Her education-support cost details are outlined in the table following:



Unit Cost [KSHS]

Term 1, 2014



Tuition fees



Other admission costs (one time cost)



Uniform (annually)



Personal effects



Bus fares to/from school







We are sincerely grateful to you for choosing to support this precious girl, Faith Awuor.

May His grace and presence ever be with you, in all you do.Thank you for the support you already gave towards this girl. She will in a few days’ time come for her April vacation. One of us visited the school last week, and reports on how jovial she is, and grateful to be in school.


Many thanks, and God bless you.

In His service,